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  • Seventy years ago, young Hedy Lamarr caused a sensation in the erotically charged ECSTASY. Her beauty and acting prowess led to a Hollywood career that spanned more than two decades, but ended in frustration. Director Georg Misch examines a fascinating life shrouded in myth and invention.

    Lamarr is a compelling subject and her son, Anthony, is a fascinating figure. Anthony is the second star of the film, as he pines for understanding of the elusive miasma of his mother. Lamarr was also an avid inventor, and patented a secret frequency-communication system. Her invention was classified by the Pentagon, and still forms the basis for everything from Smart bomb technology to cell phone transmissions.

    In an inventive, seamless conceit of blending present day phone call interviews with Lamarr's archival phone calls, Georg Misch has crafted a sexy, entertaining and provocative homage to the luminescent Hedy Lamarr.

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