International Documentary Competition


  • Description
  • Reminiscent of THE YES MEN and SUPER SIZE ME, the mischievous CZECH DREAM is a provocative and hilarious look at the effects of rampant consumerism.

    Made as a graduation project by Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda from the FAMU Film Academy in Prague, CZECH DREAM documents a large-scale consumer hoax-the grand opening of Hypermarket, "the mega-store for a better life." Exploring the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism in all its perversity, the team creates an ad campaign for something that doesn't exist. The ads and billboards honestly proclaim and warn, "Don't go there." "Don't spend." But despite this, thousands of people show up, only to discover they have been had. While some people boo and jeer when the hoax is revealed, obviously very upset to have been duped, others think it's brilliant, clapping and shouting, "Bravo!"

    The filmmakers said they weren't afraid of manipulating the emotions and expectations of people, as they did just the same thing that advertising does. A fascinating and truly alarming film, CZECH DREAM uses a comic touch to expose a serious subject infecting the entire globe.

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