International Feature Competition


  • Description
  • A man visits his relatives to fix a water boiler. From that deceptively simple premise emerges a complex, gentle rumination on life, loss and war. Bosnia-Herzegovina's official OscarĀ® selection for Best Foreign Language Film.

    Fuke has been reluctant to visit his elderly Uncle ldriz and Aunt Sabira because they ore still devastated by the loss of their son in the Bosnian conflict. Uncle ldriz deeply resents those who have moved on-primarily his former daughter-in-law. Fuke finds that uncomfortable conversations with his uncle god aunt are like walking through minefields. Over the course of the day, though, as the hours pass, Fuke searches for a way to help his beloved relatives become reconciled but not resigned.

    Pjer Zalica (FUSE) once again demonstrates an uncanny ability to touch deeply both the heart and mind. DAYS AND HOURS examines how people deal with unfathomable loss through resilience, a positive spirit and a surprising sense of humor.

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