American Directions


  • Description
  • A compelling drama about New York City street kids that distinguishes itself with an exceptional script by co-star Joey Dedio, stellar performances - especially from Genevieve Bujold who can't help but radiate as a weary, tough but ever tender inner-city social worker and an unwavering sense of credibility.

    "Don't be a statistic," Dr. Levesque (Bujold) admonishes Angelo, aka "Kick" (Dedio), the 27-year-old, newly clean leader of a group of street urchins inhabiting an abandoned building in New York City. Kick's struggle to avoid just that-his anticipated statistical fate-and instead make a difference in the world is at the heart of this raw and gripping film. His burden includes looking after Tito, an autistic boy abandoned by his mother and abusive stepfather; fresh-off-the-bus Texans Cheri and Billy; and Maria, the woman he loves but is losing to junkie Hunter.

    Every city has its downtown and every downtown has its street tale. They are what holds these characters together, resonating with truth and candor.

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