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  • Alex de la lglesia's new comedy, FERPECT CRIME, is an uproarious and politically incorrect parody of the distance between the idealized perceptions we have of ourselves and the cruel reality.

    Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) is a suave Don Juan-type who works in the women's section of the department store where he was born. He wines and dines all of female co-workers, except for the less attractive Lourdes (Monico Cervera). His greatest ambition is to be the floor manager, but he must compete against Don Antonio {Luis Varela), only to end up losing. Rafael is immediately fired, beginning his downward spiral into the very life he most feared. As he sinks in

    lure, he winds up with Lourdes as his mate. At this point, de la Iglesia shifts from a more conventional comedy to the blackest of the block, as Rafael and Lourdes suddenly hove a dead body on their hands.

    De la lglesia's hysterical film about how ridiculous humanity can be confronts the unattainable expectations imposed on us by society, with a brazenly hilarious counterattack.

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