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  • FROZEN stars Shirley Henderson (INTERMISSION, AFTERLIFE, WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF), and dives headlong into the reality that sometimes finding someone is worse than losing them.

    It's been two years since the mysterious disappearance of her older sister, Annie. But Kath is still haunted by the need to know what happened. Visiting the spot where Annie was last seen, Kath believes she has found a gateway to a place in which her sister is still alive. Has Kath really found access to the afterlife? Or is she losing her grip on reality?

    FROZEN is on emotionally energetic drama and a haunting meditation on the impermanence of existence. Led by the unflinching immediacy of Henderson's performance, which is bold and evocatively unpredictable, Henderson shines in Juliet McKoen's subtle script and direction, coupled seamlessly lo create a situation so infused with dramatic potential that it all but bursts from the screen.

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