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  • The world of politics is so perverse and characterized by controversy that it can easily be viewed as a parody of itself. "From executive producers Ferdon Bailey, Randy Barbato (THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE) and acclaimed director Wash Westmoreland (FLUFFER), comes GAY REPUBLICANS.

    In 2004, Log Cabin-the Gay Republican Club - was put to the test. President Bush's unequivocal opposition to gay marriage presented them with a stark choice, whether to be good Republicans and support the President, or stand up for their civil rights as gay Americans. This decision afforded them a historic opportunity to affect the election but it also opened schisms that threatened the unity of the Log Cabin itself. In GAY REPUBLICANS, politics get personal as the Log Cabin wrestles with an issue that goes to the core of their identity.

    Westmoreland provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking view of the group, allowing us to get to know and like them, while giving us the lens to reexamine what we think ourselves. You might not ever look at gay Republicans quite the same way again.

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