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  • One of America's most notorious kidnappings-young newspaper heiress Potty Hearst 's abduction and alleged induction into the Symbionese Liberation Army-caused a national stir, while what really happened to Hearst still seems a mystery.

    GUERRILLA immerses its audience in the cultural climate that gave rise to the SLA, the first prominent domestic terrorist organization , including candid interviews with former SLA members . Engrossing audio clips and video footage provide the most chilling moments that defined the entire extraordinary ordeal-Hearst herself armed with on automatic weapon during the bank robbery that completed her transformation into SLA member Tania , and the demise of the organization in a fiery house raid in Los Angeles.

    A striking reminder of an incident that had this country riveted to its televisions, GUERRILLA is a gripping exploration that sheds new light on a story that has captured America's interest for 30 years.

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