International Feature Competition


  • Description
  • Shot on the Woodland Cree First Nation in Northern Alperta, HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION is steeped in the indigenous miasma of this sleepy Cree reservation.

    Reminiscent of SMOKE SIGNALS and POW WOW HIGHWAY, HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION is a road trIp movie grounded by the people left at home. A remote Cree comrrunity ii shaken when one of its own sets our on an ambitious, quirky adventure. Seventy-five-year-old Martin abruptly decides that he must visit the graved his long lime hero, Hank Williams. With the support of brother Adelard Fox (Gordon Tootoosis), Martin sets out for Tennessee, accompanied by his 17-year-old nephew. As the two travelers gain human-interest-story-of-the-week status in the US press, the news trickling back home provides a unifying spark to the little community.

    There's a particular redress in listening to people talk about what they care about. The subject isn't as vital as the feeling. Director Aaron James Sorensen allows us to listen in on this converstion. Sensitive filmmaking, strong performances and gorgeous cinematography combine to create a profound sensual journey, visceral in its effect on the viewer.

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