Made in Germany


  • Description
  • Winner of the Golden Bear at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival, HEAD or is a not so quintessential, yet utterly convincing, love story about two lost souls who bring each other back to life.

    In what one would call a suicidal collision, Sibel and Cahit meet in the mental ward in Hamburg. Sibel is desperate to get married to escape from the watchful eye of her Turkish family. In Cahit, she finds the perfect husband, no demands and no real life. It's an ideal situation, until they actually fall in love. With a Turkish band playing interludes that outline the things that have just come to pass, the film is set up like a Greek tragedy, offering a refreshing filmmaking twist.

    HEAD ON is a comic-tragedy, taking you on a twisting bus ride of emotions that ultimately ends, ever so gently, at the station.

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