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  • Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai star in this incredibly tense thriller that turns the game of cat and mouse on its head, even as its characters are haunted by desperation and sadness.

    Mob boss Sam (Eric Tsang) and Police Inspector Wong (Anthony Wong) have the same idea: to send new recruits undercover on long term missions. While each side profits, after 10 years it's undercover cop Yan who is suffering. He's been undercover as a criminal for so long, he's starting to lose both his mind and his sense of justice. At the same time, undercover Triad Ming is promoted to Internal Affairs and begins to reconsider his loyalties.

    An all-star cost and gifted team of filmmakers create a minor-key masterpiece with a shattering conclusion. The film become Hong Kong's most critically lauded and wildly popular movie of the year.

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