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  • Spanning the "forgotten years" between 1991 and 1997, this prequel documents the dramatic events that forever changed the cops and criminals of INFERNAL AFFAIRS.

    As the story begins, Sam (Eric Tsang) and Officer Wong (Anthony Wong) are potential allies rather than adversaries. When the head of a mob family is assassinated, mob lieutenant Sam thinks he might be promoted. Eldest son Hou (Francis Ng) has other ideas, as he chillingly demonstrates in the most soft-spoken consolidation of power ever captured on film. Hau's most formidable contender for control of the family proves to be Sam's ambitious wife Mary (Carina Lau), a master of secret manipulation.

    Directors Andrew Lou and Alan Mak point an epic on a large canvas, with a dark brush and fatalistic shadings. The characters remain indelible; the action sharp and quietly devastating.

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