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  • Luis Mandoki (WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN) returns to his Spanish language roots with a moving portrayal of civil unrest through the eyes of a brave 11-year-old-boy, based on the true-life experience of screenwriter Oscar Torres. Mexico's official Oscar selection for Best Foreign Language Film.

    Chava is a spirited 11-year-old, who tries to live a normal life with his family, despite poverty, military curfews and gun battles that threaten their lives. Faced with an impending birthday in a time when the El Salvadorian Army frequently recruits 12-year-old boys, he finds solace in listening to an underground station on a radio given to him by his freedom fighter uncle. Provoked by tragic losses, Chava makes a bold decision that may cost him his life.

    INNOCENT VOICES captures a boy confronted by a dual fate - to be either forcibly recruited by a corrupt army or join the guerrillas - in the compelling and harrowing film about the children of a war torn country.

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