American Directions


  • Description
  • INVITATION TO A SUICIDE is highly recommended for people who find death and suicide amusing. Set deep in the heart of black comedy territory, writer/director Loren Marsh has crafted a wonderful romp that sparkles with hilarious one-liners carrying grave consequences, and dazzles with a fantastic score by the legendary John Zorn.

    In an insular Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn, Kaz Malek-trying to dodge the dull prospect of becoming a baker exactly like his father delves into a life of crime. Finding himself a totally inept criminal, he ends up owing 10 grand to the Russian mobster he was attempting to rob, putting his father's life in jeopardy if he can't pay. So Kaz devises a plan that earns surprised praise from all concerned-he'll raise the money by hanging himself and selling tickets to his own suicide. Catapulied to the status of neighborhood hero, Kaz finds his father's admiration-who's deeply proud to see his son sacrifice his life to save the bakery-shining above all.

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