European Showcase


  • Description
  • Step out of your ordinary existence into the subterranean world of a strange young man and his fellow ticket inspectors, as they patrol the tracks and trains of the world's second oldest underground railway. Hungary's official Oscar® selection for Best Foreign Language Film.

    Bulcsu awakens on a subway platform, bleeding from the head and ready for another night's work. He's part of on army of ticket control officers who continually search for scofflaws sneaking a free train ride. A recent run of apparent suicides has made everyone jumpy, and Bulcsu and his crew must deal with on outrageous assortment of citizens who are angry, lying, drunk-or just sleepy. And how does the young lady in an animal costume fit into the picture?

    With the texture of a fable and the bite of reality, Nimrod Antal creates a comic nocturnal dream world, in which both passengers and trains race heedlessly through the night.

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