International Documentary Competition


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  • For discerning music fans and radio disciples alike , former Clash singer Joe Strummer is a rock icon on par with (or higher than) Pete Townsend and Bruce Springsteen. But as he embarks on to r with his band, the Mescaleros, he's just another guy handing out flyers and trying to promote his music.

    Part of Strummer's reality is a sign of t he times in the nostalgia-choked new reality-people favor reunions to fresh starts. But part of it is an endearing testament to the humble man that Strummer was throughout his life, right up to his untimely death during the making of LET'S ROCK AGAIN!

    Strummer's longtime friend Dick Rude takes a poignant look at the Mescaleros' last tour, capturing moments that reveal Strummer to be a profound and an incredibly warm human being. In the "Behind the Music" world of rise-fall-repeat music documentaries, Rude's touching portrait truly goes behind the music and finds the man to be as great as the legendary musician.

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