International Documentary Competition


  • Description
  • Executive produced by Wim Wenders, German Kral's MUSICA CUBANA revisits some of the stars of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, while introducing us to the up-and-coming Cuban musicians of today.

    Taxi driver Barbaro picks up the maestro, 85-year-old Pio Leiva, who is late for a radio show. The two decide to put together a band with some of the best and most acclaimed young musicians living in Cuba today. The film documents the new band searching for its own voice, through the rehearsal and recording of classic Cuban songs to a huge Tokyo, where THE SONS OF CUBA is finally born.

    An authentic journey through the real lives of these incredibly talented musicians, Kral's vérité style explores modern Havana, providing an evocative and riveting portrait of a group of friends, mentors and musicians. Creating myth and poetry from music and imagery, Kral brings the audience along on the rhythm's pull into the present.

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