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  • Description
  • A pleasant nuclear family-father Yulik, mother Rita, teen son Egor and young daughter Anya-enjoy a tranquil domestic life. Until a letter from a long-lost love changes everything.

    The letter claims that Yulik is the father of Pavel, a 20-year-old war veteran who lost an eye in battle. Yulik reluctantly agrees to host Pavel for six months, until the quietly observant young man. can have an eye replacement operation. Though Yulik stubbornly refuses to acknowledge his paternity, Pavel's modest charms draw the rest of the family closer to him. Sadly, war has left Pavel with emotional damage much deeper than the physical wounds he suffered, and gradually the scars are ripped open.

    The film presents a realistic view of a family's everyday existence in modern Russia, and then introduces a ticking time-bomb-in the person of war-torn Pavel-that we hope against all hope will never go off.

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