American Directions


  • Description
  • Established producer Bobby suffers through a personal hell in the wickedly dark comedy MY TINY UNIVERSE, when a suicidal actor recovers Bobby's lost cell phone and promptly threatens reveal all of Bobby's philanderings.

    Struggling actor Dickie is about to end her life when the phone rings in a nearby brush. It belongs lo Bobby, a producer with a diminishing reputation who is juggling a pregnant New York. mistress - who believes he's leaving his tabloid-news maven wife - and the end of an affair with a local mistress. Luring the women to his treetop apartment, Dickie unravels Bobby's elaborate web of deceit.

    A clever ensemble piece in an intimate setting brings together colorful characters played by John Heard, Debi Mazar, Lesley Ann Warren and Andy Comeau, who deliciously play off each other in an absurd entanglement of affairs.

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