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  • Describing and structuring his new work as a film in three parts - Hell, Purgatory and Paradise-Jean-Luc Godard uses Dante's Inferno as a point of departure to muse on one of the director's primary obsessions the vagaries of the contemporary world. This brilliant visual artist still has the uncanny ability to tear the veil away from everything that surrounds us, re-imagining the world in stark new ways. NOTRE MUSIQUE is a mixture of essay, voice-over, autobiographical asides, documentary footage and fiction arrayed in incomparable fashion. Godard carefully orchestrates the film to follow a symphonic structure.

    Godard's work has always functioned as a provocation: The darting brilliance of his mind raises questions and provides unique juxtaposition, often breathtaking in their conceptual power. Over the years, he has never lost this singular ability to examine constantly and rigorously what it means to live in today's world. NOTRE MUSIQUE is his wrenching and often wearied look at the madness he sees descending on our war as it stumbles through conflict and crisis. There is no more powerful documenter of this process than one of cinema's greatest artists.

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