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  • You will believe a man can fly (no, really). Leading man Tony Joo astounds with his talents as on acrobat and pugilist, while Prochyo Pinkoew directs with confident flair.

    Ong Bok is a sacred idol held dear for its protective powers by the people living in a small rural village. When it is stolen, local hero Ting (Tony Joo) is selected to retrieve it. To do so, he must join forces with a former village resident and his young female partner, both involved in all sorts of nefarious activities in Bangkok. Ting unwittingly becomes on underground boxing combatant and a fugitive from nasty gangsters.

    When the action ignites, the film becomes a runaway thrill ride powered by Tony Joo's ability to leap, kick and punch like no one before him. ONG BAK fuses reckless abandon and mindless fun into the most exhilarating action flick in years.

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