Made in Germany


  • Description
  • Hilmir Snaer Gudnason and Fritzi Haberlandt star as Jakob and Lilly, two people who undertake a cross-country journey together. Just a few complications await them: they've barely met, one wants nothing to do with the other and they can't see.

    Jakob is a successful stage director with a promising career. After an automobile accident plunges him into darkness, he becomes bitter and resentful. He refuses the assistance of blind social worker Lilly and resolves to kill himself. But first, he wants to visit his mother. Against Jakob's wishes, Lilly ends up traveling with him, and the two fall into an uneasy alliance. They stumble through one mishap after another, even as Lilly's mother and Lilly's fiancee try to catch up to them.

    Throughout Jakob and Lilly's amusing, exasperating misadventures, the screen is filled with gloriously beautiful scenery as well as a deeply enveloping shadows and darkness, making for a very memorable journey.

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