Made in Germany


  • Description
  • QUIET AS A MOUSE is a pitch black comedy directed by Marcus Mittermeier about Max, a vigilante who's determined, to clean up the world.

    God is dead and the world is a terrible place, populated by too many people who think nothing of carelessly discarding litter, speeding over the limit, dodging fares on the Metro, jaywalking and committing violent acts. Max is here to change all that. Armed with a camera and a gun, he sets about documenting his fight for a better world. But, in spite of his good intentions, Max is obliged to break the law again and again. Sooner or later, such actions are bound to have serious consequences.

    With a delicate eye for detail and a keen sense of irreverence,Jan Henrik Stahlberg's fiercely original script-and the voyeuristic camerawork of David Hofmann-propel QUIET AS A MOUSE, which is alternately outrageous and disturbing but always mesmerizing. Mittermeier allows the action to play out like an insane symphony, reveling in the dark tones peppered with gallows humor.

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