Latin Cinema Series


  • Description
  • With a cast and crew assembled from the best of contemporary Mexican cinema, Jorge Ramirez Suarez brings to the screen a poignant crosscultural thriller that's modern on every level, yet gently radiates the sensibility of a classic film.

    Though around them a criminal world seethes, Julie and Antonio are a young and loving couple with a new baby and a solid, white-collar sense of stability. But when a loose social connection suddenly ties them to a major political assassination, the two become innocents desperately trying to adapt to a world of murderous politicians and cops that, moment to moment, threatens their lives.

    Bruno Bichir and Lorraine Pilkington deliver exquisitely believable performances, complemented by a crisp visual sensibility and a spa rse, yet flawless score by Eduardo Gamboa. RABBIT ON THE MOON is, all at once, a gripping political thriller and an emotionally complex story of a family ripped apart.

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