International Feature Competition


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  • Winner of a Special Jury Prize of the Moscow International Film Festival, REVOLUTION OF PIGS is a passionately inventive first from Estonian New Face Rene Reinumogi and co-director Jaak Kilmi.

    Fueled by a great soundtrack of classic 80s pop, the revolution is brewing. Set in the summer of 1986, hundreds of teenagers have' gathered in the woods for Estonian student summer camp - three days full of adventures, falling in love and partying, But, when the teens are forced to comply with rules of proper behavior, camp in a totalitarian system isn't all it's crocked up to be. The political metaphor of the counselors' control leads to an uprising of the students The main character is 16-year-old Tanel, who initially is as focused on losing his virginity and gelling drunk as overthrowing the system. But taking part in the revolt, he discovers himself.

    Combine Estonia's version of MEATBALLS with the, radical awareness of a MEDIUM COOL, and you might hove on idea of what's going on in this summer camp.

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