Made in Germany


  • Description
  • An extraordinary, uplifting documentary about Roysten Maldoom and his transformational No Limit Dance Studio, with its audacious goal of forging an international dance company out of 250 no-experience, at-risk youths to perform Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring with the Berlin Philharmoniker in just six short weeks.

    "You can change your life in a dance class," choreographer Royston Maldoom states matter-of-factly. "Music," reflects Berlin Philharmonic conductor Sir Simon Rattle, "can teach people what joins them, rather than what separates them." The collaboration of these two men and their passion for the power and necessity of art drives t his revelatory experience.

    A film not about the creation of art, but rather about the creation of artists, Roysten infuses his charges with his unfailing belief that a unique and powerful talent dwells in each and every one of them, challenging them to harness and realize it.

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