International Documentary Competition


  • Description
  • Even before the classic 1983 film STYLE WARS exposed graffiti to the mainstream, there has been a growing fascination with this art form. Director Danny Lee's film is an electric exploration of the evolution and world of graffiti now focusing on some of the local flavor.

    Featuring Kofie, Axis,Tyer, Clae, Trixter, Dye 5, JoJo, Gacha and Chase,ROCK FRESH goes into the buzzing underground art world - from live graffiti battles and gallery showcases, to underground parties and late night bombing sessions, from Hollywood alleyways to Tokyo skyscrapers. Learn what it takes to ROCK FRESH. Revealing step-by-step how the colors blend, how the angles sharpen, how the shadows emerge, the film lifts the veil to reveal the struggle between the codes of the underground and the lure of the mainstream.

    Lee follows his subjects with a seamless flow of kinetic energy - weaving together interviews and ideologies - creating an infectious, vibrant documentary.

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