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  • Description
  • A poetic slice of life, ROLLING FAMILY is a beautifully rendered film from director Pablo Trapero (CRANE WORLD).

    Eighty-four-year old Grandmother Emilia is having her entire extended family come over to celebrate her birthday. She gets a call from her sister inviting her to their niece's wedding. Emilia asks the whole family to go with her to the ceremony. They agree and load up the rickety motor home filled with grandmother, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, and set off on the road towards the Brazilian border. But family crises, old jealousies, attraction between cousins, dentists and road rage all materialize over the course of the trip, conspiring to drive Grandmother crazy.

    Avoiding the cliched trappings of a conventional family drama, Trapero and his actors tackle the lives of their characters with sensitivity, unveiling a lyrical homage to the delicate rhythms of families.

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