Made in Germany


  • Description
  • A winner of the European Children Film Prize, SECONDHAND CHILD is a moving story about a boy who asks his neighbor to pretend to be his father for one week.

    At the age of 13, Tobias has become self-sufficient out of necessity. He does not know who his father is, and his mother is so busy trying to please her abusive boyfriends that she seems la forget that Tobias even exists. When Tobias gets into trouble at school, he begs his new friend, Max, a free-spirited writer who has just moved into the building, to attend an important parent/teacher meeting in his mother's place.

    Brought together by a green iguana named Mickey, the two form a unique friendship bound by tragedy. Director Karola Hattop crafts a very real and emotional portrait of the anguish of a love-starved child.

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