Latin Cinema Series


  • Description
  • Statistics paint a grim picture of the low survival rate for secuestro (kidnap) victims in Latin America, but they don't tell the whole story. They don't communicate the sheer terror and mind-numbing fear experienced by people randomly snatched off the streets.

    As dawn approaches in Caracas, Carla (Mia Maestro} and Martin (Jean Paul Leroux) finish off a night of dancing with a little kissing and a visit to a drugstore. Suddenly the young and beautiful couple are shoved into the back of a car by a nasty group of thugs and threatened with severe bodily harm. When Carla's father (Ruben Blades) is awakened with a ransom demand, all that's left is for the couple to somehow survive.

    Maddening coincidences and a sense of fatalistic doom await both criminals and victims in this stylish debut by writer/director Jonathan Jakubowicz. You may never want to leave home again.

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