International Feature Competition


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  • Nominated for 15 Australian Film Institute Awards across all 13 categories, SOMERSAULT broke all records.

    Sixteen-year-old Heidi (Abbie Cornish) is on a crash course, using her reckless sexuality to fill her need for belonging. Caught by her mother in a compromising situation, she runs away filled with shame, convinced her mother will never love or forgive her. She heads to the ski town of Lake Jindabyne/where she meets Joe (Sam Worthington). He is drawn to Heidi, but is cautiously coming of age himself. Hurrt by her perception of Joe's unrequited love, Heidi again hurls herself into emptiness, and the void of of a stranger's love.

    The soundtrack by the experimental group Decoder Ring lends. an ethereal quality to the mountain ski town where Heidi is floating. Anchoring the film, and carrying us into the realm of deeply satisfying cinematic catharsis is the keenly observed direction from Shortland, and the breathtaking performances she elicits. The rapturous Cornish, particularly, is pitch perfect in her self-destruction without losing her fragility.

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