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  • Description
  • Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival, THE NOMI SONG is the story of Klaus Nomi, a cult figure in the New Wave Underground scene, and one of the '80s most profoundly bizarre, yet extremely talented, performance artists/ musicians.

    He came from outer space to save the human race. Looks like an alien, sings like a diva. His "look" was so outrageous that audiences went wild before he even opened his mouth. On the verge of international fame as a singer, he became one of the first prominent artists to die of AIDS. His effect on audiences and other artists-like David Bowie-was so deep that, 20 years after his death, he has not been forgotten.

    Andrew Horn's film is as much a documentary as it is an oral and visual history of an artist who put forth an image of himself in everything he did. The visual style of Nomi himself is his legacy. Horn captures Nomi's essence along with this feeling that "somewhere in the great cosmic plan we all knew that we only had a finite amount of time together and we hod to make the most of it."

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