International Documentary Competition


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  • "Occupy. Resist. Produce." The mantra of the unemployed workers of an Argentinean auto parts manufacturer. The goal?. Rebuild Argentina one factory at a time.

    Struggling since the country's 2001 economic collapse left millions unemployed, 30 former auto parts factory employees-members of a proud working class desperate to feed their families-decide to take matters into their own hands, cutting the bolts and chains physically keeping them out of their former factory and starting the machines rolling again. But once the factory starts producing, the CEOs who claimed bankruptcy suddenly reappear, wanting their business back.

    A powerful act that garners the attention and devotion of a nation, THE TAKE makes it feel like anything is possible, until the crushing reality of the Argentinean judicial and political system turns its on the workers once again. Their cause is inspiring, their enthusiasm is contagious and their ability to change the world is real.

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