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  • A tiny hand gesture, a flick of the eye or a minute tremble serves as a window into a world of internal conflict in this stunning performance by Kevin Bacon, one of the finest in his highly esteemed career.

    In this harrowing and transcendent debut feature, director Nicole Kassell has the talents of a seasoned master storyteller, weaving magic into the fabric of an honest look at. the life of a convicted pedophile trying lo reenter society after spending the past 12 years in jail. The acute script harbors honest, fearless performances-most notably from Kyra Sedgwick as the rugged co-worker-fighting to restore life into Bacon's mummified heart. Estranged from his family, hounded by police and under suspicion from his co-workers, Walter (Bacon) finds the most frightening threats of all come from his own inner demons.

    Based on a stage play by Steven Fechter, the story unfolds beautifully onscreen. Steady realism continues through the climax of Walter's self-discovery, which feels both momentous and miniscule at the same time. In her riveting debut, Nicole Kassell teams with Kevin Bacon to take us deep into the dark forest-knowing exactly where they are going every step of the way-to show us light within the darkness.

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