American Directions


  • Description
  • This is the story of a father's death and the fractured family that mourns his passing in their own inimitable way. The adult children of a Hollywood mogul decide to take drugs, screw around and film the entire thing for posterity. Lots of people are carrying emotional baggage around with them, but the family members depicted in this film are like walking open sores. They are so injured by life they can't help but wince from and lash out at any attempt to connect.

    Writer/director Christopher Jaymes stars alongside a remarkable ensemble cast featuring Jeremy Sisto and Judy Greer in a movie with disarming power and grace. Jaymes stars as Chris, the youngest son who has been bribed by his estranged father to videotape dad's death and the subsequent aftermath. The wake consists of a family coming together physically while it is falling apart in every other sense. Some doses of ecstasy, some well-timed comic barbs and those damn cameras all further exaggerate the drama of their lives. Adding to the wonderful tone Jaymes creates is a soundtrack by Belle and Sebastian, perfectly suited to the film's balance of sadness and cautious joy.

    This family tree has been so splintered by infidelities that even describing how people are related gets a little complicated. But gathered in one house, the family will have a little love and lots and lots of screaming.

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