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  • Beautifully rendered by writer/director Andy Garcia, THE LOST CITY is an illuminating. tale of the durability of family ties, set in pre-Revolutionary Havana.

    Guillermo. Cabrera Infante and Andy Gorda spent 16 years bringing lnfante's novel Three Trapped Tigers to the screen. The result, THE LOST CITY, is many things: a love letter to the Havana of that time; a historical drama featuring Batista, Castro and Che; and an homage to the greatest Cuban music and musicians. At the film's center is Fico (Garcia), a cabaret owner who tries to rise above the political fray but discovers that his club is as tumultuous and dangerous as Cuba itself. As an ex-pat gag writer, Bill Murray embodies the spirit of Cabrera Infante, providing absurdist commentary as history unfolds.

    Graceful filmmaking, strong seductive performances, vibrant musical numbers and gorgeous cinematography combine to create a profoundly sensual journey, visceral in its effect on the viewer. Garcia and his actors tackle the lives of their characters with sensitivity, unveiling a lyrical homage to the delicate rhythms of families under fire.

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