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  • Pernille Fischer Christensen's debut feature SOAP is a warm and stirring film about unconventional love. SOAP is also the first feature film to come out of The Danish Film lnstitute's new subsidy system, New Danish Screen.

    Charlotte (Trine Dyrholm) has just left her boyfriend of several years, Kristian (Frank Thiel), and moved into the first apartment she can find. When she needs help to move a bed, she rings the doorbell of her downstairs neighbor, transsexual loner Veronica (David Dencik). Veronica prefers to keep to herself with her little dog and a romantic TV soap, while the newly liberated Charlotte gets through the nights with one night stands. An assault, a new bed and some white curtains bring the unlikely pair together, and they end up as the main characters in their own turbulent love story.

    Addressing adult themes of friendship, identity, love and transition, SOAP is a deeply moving film made by a talented new director-an original voice, clear and resonant.

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