International Documentary Competition


  • Description
  • Imagine surviving genocide, being rescued, and starting a new life in a new land without knowing what happened to the family you left behind. This is the true inspiring story of J.B. Rutagarama.

    Escaping Rwanda alive was a miracle. But after moving to the West, Rutagarama decides he must journey back to his troubled homeland to search for his lost family. With devastating footage interspersed with his remembrances, we get a uniquely intimate perspective on what became a world tragedy. As Rutagarama sets foot back in the land of his birth, an unexpected dramatic reunion occurs that will send your emotions soaring.

    Shot with an eye for the natural beauty of a cherished homeland, Rutagarama's film is deeply personal-yet becomes the story of all Rwandans. And in the process it offers a universal lesson in healing, hope, renewal, family, forgiveness-and finding your own peace.

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