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  • Description
  • Port ode to a small town, port coming-of-age story, FALKENBERG FAREWELL is steeped in nostalgia and anticipation so genuine that it is not a movie-it is a memory.

    Falkenberg is a small town on Sweden's west coast that offers few prospects for its youth. Lifelong friends Jesper, David, John, Holger and Jorgen wile away the summer months playing games, wondering through the woods and making mischief. On the cusp of adulthood, the future weighs heavily in their thoughts even as they cling to their collective memories of life in their little seaside town. These memories bind them together when tragedy and momentum threaten to tug them in different directions.

    First time writer/director Jesper Ganslandt brings a fresh and endearing cinematic style to this story about friendship and memories. He employs on impressive nonprofessional cast, naturalistic dialogue and a minimalist style that surrenders all pretense to create a uniquely visceral experience. Sweden's official OscarĀ® submission.

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