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  • Featuring the charming Daniel Hendler (LOST EMBRACE), FAMILY LAW is a witty and emotionally rewording study of a thirty-something man in his roles as father and son.

    Perelman Jr. is an attorney, like his father. While his life is manageable, it is rather dull. Then things change for the better. He marries a beautiful woman whom he felt was out of his reach, and they have a son. In the midst of these changes, his father begins to reach out to him with some urgency. Perelman Jr. realizes his father's message too late and when he passes away, he must make life-changing decisions and confront a delayed dilemma. Will he become his own man or remain a shadow of his father? It is Family Law: the inherited path and the chosen path eventually fuse into the same. destiny.

    Director Daniel Burman (LOST EMBRACE, EVERY STEWARDESS GOES TO HEAVEN) has a keen eye for the nuances of family. With its terrific performances and crisp dialogue, FAMILY LAW reveals Burman at the top of his craft. Artfully combining the absurd and comic with the poignant and tragic, FAMILY LAW is a brilliantly executed story about fathers and sons, their love and the legacy they leave behind.

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