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  • Young love, tough love, enduring love ore the ties that bind family members for better or worse in this sharply structured relationship drama told in three distinct parts.

    Mira's peaceful life is disrupted by a visit from her estranged brother Hyung·chul and his older wife, Mu-shin. Familial bonds and the inherent expectations that come with them keep Mira from complaining about the discomfort their presence brings, even when it threatens to stretch those bonds to the breaking point. Sun-kyung is a restless young woman who wants to leave her family and move abroad, but the needs of her half-brother and terminally ill mother keep her from leaving. The threads that make up these disparate families are intricately interwoven through the fragile love of a young couple that is the film's final segment.

    Eloquent cinematography adds clarity to the naturalistic performances of a fine ensemble cast in director Kim Tae-yong's meditation on the complexity of human relations.

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