International Documentary Competition


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  • A youth expressionist movement that is misunderstood, graffiti has proved itself as indestructible as a flowering weed - it spreads, regenerates, and fills the cracks, sometimes offering rare moments when you look past the thorns and see the beauty of the art left behind.

    In their own words, pioneers of the graffiti movement and the artists behind the great works describe what it means to create graffiti. Discover the variations from culture to culture, the diversity of expression and canvases, and the unique voices that have made graffiti a youth art subculture around the world.

    Whether you agree with it or not, you will be awed with the rugged determination of the artists to portray their visions on anything that will take the paint, and you will forget for a moment that it probably shouldn't exist, and relish in the fact that it does.

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