International Documentary Competition


  • Description
  • Blasting the screen with sure-footed confidence, director Amie Williams has crafted a powerful documentary that shines a light on the popular American Apparel clothing line and the bigger issues that surround the garment industry in America.

    An all-American tale about an all-American garment-the T-shirt-this documentary takes a wild ride into the bowels of the Los Angeles garment industry. Mostly undocumented workers at American Apparel and SweatX are offered better wages, benefits, even a shot at worker-ownership. But what's really behind the label?

    Amie Williams follows her subjects with a seamless flow of kinetic energy-weaving together day-in-the-life verite footage with interviews, from workers, owners and buyers-creating a vibrant, informative documentary. NO SWEAT is an evocative and riveting mosaic of the big picture that makes up the garment industry.

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