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  • One of the most influential rock bands of this century, System of a Down, weaves its campaign-the call for acknowledgment of the 1915 Armenian genocide that is still officially denied by Turkey-into their songs and stage act.

    SCREAMERS follows the Armenian-American rockers on tour as they wage a campaign of recognition and understanding of the incident that is considered history's first documented genocide of the century, resulting in the murder of more than one and a half million Armenians. Since the United States has still not officially acknowledged this tragedy, System of a Down takes up the charge, attending rallies across the nation and at the White House, educating its fans and speaking out.

    With live concert footage that captures their powerful performances interspersed with their own personal stories, SCREAMERS is a tour-de-force documentary that bears the name of those who will not let their voices be silent ... those who continue to scream "never again."

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