International Documentary Competition


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  • From across the Atlantic in Croatia comes this documentary about Orson Welles's unfinished films and big loves. Gorgeously blending lost footage from the incomplete films and interviews with those who knew him best, father and son filmmakers Dominik and Jakov Sedlar have created a poignant homage to a master artist.

    SEARCHING FOR ORSON is an exploration of Welles's genius. Everyone knows who he was: an actor, director, writer, narrator, and editor, but sometimes what is behind the curtain is far more intriguing than what stands in front of it. This film gives a look inside the public Orson Welles.

    An essential primer on the essence of Orson Welles, this extraordinarily well-researched film is as much a documentary as it is an oral and visual history of an artist who put forth an image of himself in everything he did. Welles's immense contribution to the art of filmmaking is made evident through interviews with such filmmaking luminaries as Peter Bogdanovich and Steven Spielberg among others.

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