American Directions


  • Description
  • After a summer of disappointing superhero movies, we almost gave up hope for the genre. To the rescue come independent filmmakers, breathing new life into an oft-used formula.

    Michael Rapaport stars as a simple quiet man who is constantly being knocked down by everyday life. He enlists in a drug trial for a new anti-depressant, and what happens next shocks even the pharmaceutical makers. Armed with his new found "powers" he makes himself a costume and sets off to fight crime. The only problem is that this is not a comic book world and his heroics might be doing more harm than good.

    The filmmakers use cinematic language deftly, marrying content to the medium. This is a story that could not have been told better in a novel, a short story or even a comic book. The resulting film raises fascinating questions about human beings. What happens to someone without self-doubt? And what happens when the world refuses to accept a hero?

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