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  • AARDVARK tells the story of a man blind from birth who is in recovery and attending AA Larry is played by Larry Lewis, who is himself actually blind and in AA When Larry joins a jiu-jitsu class, he discovers a new, deeply physical connection to life Unfortunately, his young jiu-jitsu master has demons of his own, which might end up dragging both men down. Filmed with on expansive Cinemascope lens, the film lays out new geographies of seeing and being seen. Director Kitoo Sakurai is a noted cinematographer who makes the deliberate choice to cost certain scenes in a foggy blur, others in a neon glare, so that viewers ore continuously alerted to the limitations of vision. The film also confronts audiences with rarely depicted masculine frailly and, in a larger sense, human frailly. AARDVARK is a visual meditation on how our lives ore rooted in such pure physically that we often don't see what's around us until it's too late.

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