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  • Viewers familiar with the cinema of Bela Tarr - with its resolute focus on everyday minutiae and surprisingly expressive force - will recognize its influence on this doting, even obsessive, treatment of the doily routines of Pirosko, a terminal word nurse. Portly and silently burdened with pressures, she ambles down hospilal corridors and stoically monitors the lost vestiges of life draining from her patients. The film captures the physical nuances of her days - walking, observing, eating, even going to the bathroom - while slowly revealing the stirrings of her inner life Upon hearing the name of a childhood friend, Pirosko decides to find this woman she hasn't seen in many years. Her journey takes her across Hungary and into contact with a series of eccentric characters. The film's careful emphasis on wide-angled compositions one exaggerated settings conveys a mounting absurdism that lends Pirosko's activities a sense of cosmic play.

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