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  • John Sayles once again gives us a beautiful character-driven film, this lime against the backdrop of the turn-of-the century Philippine-American War. The able cast is led by Chris Cooper as the American colonel, Garret Dillahunt as the earnest lieutenant and Joel Torre as village leader Rafael Imbued with the subtle dignity that makes Sayles' films so engaging, Rafael is the moral compass around whom the film revolves. In a war that is in many ways similar to the one we are fighting now, Rafael faces the unwelcome challenge of how lo keep his people together under occupation. Ultimately he decides that cooperation with the Americans is the best way lo protect the village welfare, but his compliance is considered betrayal by his brother, who is a leader of the rebel fighters. Refusing to judge any of its characters, the film explores how in war all sides make compromises and no one's innocence remains intact.

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