• Description
  • An homage to such films as ALIEN and 2001, Ivan Engler's CARGO is a visually stunning achievement in independent, low-budget sci-fi. The year is 2267 and the Earth is no longer habitable. Most remaining humans live in sweaty, overcrowded space stations, while longing to move to RHEA, a green Arcadian planet five light years from Earth. In order to save up enough money to emigrate, young doctor Laura accepts on eight-year stint on the cargo ship Kassandra, a broken-down hulk of a vessel whose gelatinous cryo-sleep tanks do not inspire confidence As Kassandra nears its destination, Laura discovers that the crew is not alone and nothing is what it seems. Switzerland's first science fiction film ever is on impressive feat of digital artistry; when the film shifts from grim interiors to spectacular views of the lone cargo ship hurtling through the glowing vastness of space, we con only hold our breath in wonder.

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